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How Does Inman Aligner Work?

The Inman Aligner is a custom orthodontic appliance that utilizes space age materials to generate comfortable, continuous orthodontic force. It can efficiently straighten out your front teeth.

Inman Aligner Information:

  • Doctor’s visits are reduced due to the nature of the Aligner.

  • The Inman Aligner puts pressure on the teeth that need correcting and an opposing force to bring the teeth to equilibrium, thus creating straight teeth.

  • Removing the Aligner is as easy as removing a retainer. 

  • The Aligner needs to be worn nearly full-time.  Otherwise, the treatment may be unsuccessful.
  • You should remove the Aligner before eating, and be sure to clean your teeth and your Aligner before re-inserting it in your mouth. 

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If you are interested in learning more about the Inman Aligner and whether it would be a good fit for you, please contact us. 

Know that your comfort and care are our highest priorities. 

Our staff is highly qualified in fitting the Aligner, and we are pleased to offer such an effective and affordable orthodontia alternative to our patients.

Who Might Want It?
The Inman Aligner has opened up options of tooth movement to a greater number of people who previously would not have done anything at all. It is used to correct isolated problems, such as crowding (crooked teeth) or spacing (gaps), in one area of the mouth. It is particularly popular with those who have had comprehensive orthodontic treatment in the past and the teeth have started to drift. People of all ages and dental history are potential candidates for this conservative therapy. Our largest group of patients is adults who want to improve their smile without the time and financial commitment that is involved with full braces.

Can It Work For Me?
Everyone can't be helped; each situation has to be individually evaluated for likelihood of a good outcome. If crowding is too severe, this treatment approach may not be practical. If opposing teeth don't allow the preferred aesthetic alignment, this simple cosmetic modality might be inappropriate. That being said, many patients have been surprised and pleased with what we can accomplish with such a focused and basic realignment. To help us decide if you are a good candidate for limited orthodontic therapy, we study models and photographs of your teeth to determine whether or not we can help. There is no fee for this simple consultation.

How Do You Do It?
We use removable appliances (think of a retainer or sometimes a thin clear plastic mouth guard) to make our cosmetic corrections. Our favorite appliance is called the Inman Aligner and we will describe it in detail below. Also useful on some occasions is a spring retainer (see adjacent photo). Sometimes an Essix retainer (a clear or transparent retainer similar to Invisalign trays) may be preferred. Minor tooth movement requires three conditions: space, force and time. There must be room for the tooth to move and space for it to move into. Pressure must be applied in the direction you want to move the tooth. Movement must be incremental over a number of weeks.

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How Does It Work

How Does It Work

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Photo Gallery

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